Godfrey Hirst Carpet

The Unique Style of a Godfrey Hirst Carpet

The ultimate in sophistication and style comes through a Godfrey Hirst carpet. The Godfrey name made its way to NZ in 2006 after countless successes in Australia. After the English immigrant founded the business in 1888, it was purchased by the McKendrick family in the 1960s.

They have a wide variety of different fibres, styles, and colours to choose from, and we’ll create the best environment for you, whether it’s for your business or at home. These carpets provide you with insulating heat during the winter months and cooling relief during the summer. There’s a luxurious carpet for every type of setting.

Benefits of a Carpet from Godfrey Hirst

Doing a remodel on your house or business, choosing a carpet will give you the option of a wide variety of colours and textures to suit any décor. Godfrey Hirst prides itself in taking a proactive approach to being environmentally friendly. The company has decreased the number of greenhouse gasses thanks to its focus on green manufacturing. If that’s not impressive enough, they’ve also managed to reduce their water usage.

  • Let’s take a deeper look at why a carpet from Godfrey Hirst is a step above the rest. The different textures and colours to choose from give you a comfortable, soft, and warm feeling underfoot. Carpets generally provide a comfortable indoor solution due to the quality insulation properties.
  • Carpets create a pleasing, quiet indoor environment because it absorbs sound much easier than other flooring types. It also reduces household and office noise produced by footsteps and accidentally dropping items. Chair legs scraping across the floor won’t leave any scratches, and with that, carpeting also doesn’t crack.
  • Carpets provide you with a safer environment as they won’t become slippery, and if something does happen and someone falls, it provides a much softer landing. Although you’ll never be able to get rid of dust, carpets trap the dust in the fibres allowing you to breathe easier.

Important Aspects About Hybrid Flooring from Godfrey Hirst

Godfrey Hirst hybrid flooring is the future of carpeting by combining the best aspects of laminate and vinyl flooring and creating beautiful, durable, and functional flooring. These types are floors are perfectly suited for any weather condition. They are made from multiple layers pressed together to create an extremely long-lasting, hardwearing floor.

  • Unfortunately, hybrid flooring cannot be re-sanded because it’s only an imitator of natural timber. Thanks to the superior wear qualities applied to this product, if properly looked after, it will last you a very long time.
  • Providing you with a product that is both durable and waterproof. Hybrid flooring is exceptionally hardwearing, making this product perfect for commercial and residential use. With these qualities, your floors will also be protected against dents and scratches, due to the Trigon technologies at the core of the flooring, consisting of 80% limestone and 20% vinyl powder.
  • We always recommend having a professional install these floors because they are designed for installation using a floating system.

About Flooring Direct NZ Ltd

We provide our clients with the highest quality service combined with the same quality products. We have a team of professionals with years of experience in the industry to give you peace of mind, knowing that your Godfrey Hirst laminate floors will come out looking excellent.

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