The Number One Commercial Vinyl Flooring in Auckland

We offer you a wide range of high-quality commercial vinyl flooring in Auckland for everything from schools to hospitals. The material used in vinyl flooring is a combination of natural and synthetic polymer materials, which gives it the durability and sustainability it’s known for. With commercial vinyl, you have various options regarding design preferences, cost, and length of time you intend to use the product.

Vinyl flooring offers you a comprehensive portfolio of different patterns and colours with high performance for high traffic areas. All of this contributes to a safe and healthy indoor environment.

The Importance of Commercial Vinyl Installation

We know doing a remodel or newly installed vinyl flooring can become confusing because you need something that will give clients a good impression about your business and, ultimately, about you. Your business reflects you, after all. Commercial vinyl installation is entirely synthetic, making it environmentally friendly because no trees are cut down in the manufacturing process. With your business being a high traffic area, you’ll need something that can withstand it.

It is manufactured with heavy-duty urethane-based wear and tear layers, meaning high resistance against dents, scratches, and stains much better than wood or ceramic. This quality is what makes vinyl flooring the perfect solution for your business.

  • Waterproof vinyl flooring can’t be damaged when submerged in water, but that doesn’t mean the subfloor beneath is waterproof. Remember when you experience any flood in your office or building, to take special note of the residual moisture underneath your vinyl.
  • The technological advancements in vinyl flooring have enabled you to choose vinyl that can duplicate almost any ceramic, stone, or wood, not just the look but also the texture of the mimicked product. A boring floor will not give your business the aesthetic appeal that your clients will appreciate. So why settle for bland concrete when you can enjoy the different looks of wood, stone, or ceramic without the high maintenance cost?
  • Installing vinyl flooring is considered the most cost-effective way to give your space a new upscale look. Don’t let affordability be the only aspect that makes you smile; the installation cost is low, and maintenance is also affordable. All you need to do is occasional sweeping or mopping with a damp mop to keep the floor looking great. Lastly, since it’s waterproof, you can install these floors in high moisture areas.

Facts About Hospital Grade Vinyl Flooring

The healthcare industry offers its unique lists of challenges in the flooring world. There are many factors to consider, from the different types of hospital grade vinyl flooring each area needs to the comfort level underfoot, durability, and cleanability. You must take everything into account to make the best possible decision on the floors.

  • The first place the patients’ friends and families will see is the entrance to the hospital. When installing a floor, you’ll have to consider accommodating high foot traffic issues but also rolling load traffic.
  • The flooring in the entrance areas, corridors, and public spaces must withstand the most traffic in the hospital. The flooring should be non-slip, water and stain-resistant to avoid any injuries to staff and patients alike. It’ll also need to be of high durability for moving equipment and beds.
  • We have experienced those patients like a warmer look and feel while they’re in the hospital. The flooring in the patient rooms has to feel more home-like than institutional. With that in mind, it could help speed up recovery, making patients feel more comfortable. Since the patient rooms aren’t the same as any other rooms in the hospital, it’s important to make the patients feel at ease with the flooring.

Why Should You Hire Us?

With 13 years of experience in the industry, we offer you the complete package of all your flooring solutions. We do everything from installing and potential removal of the existing flooring, so you don’t have to stress about that. We want to ensure you that your floors will look exceptional when we’re finished. We’ll also assist you in any wall vinyl you might want to enhance your business aesthetics.

Contact us today if you have any further questions.

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