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Our high-quality residential carpet is the perfect solution for your flooring needs. We supply and install a wide range of residential carpet collections around. Whether you’re looking for heavy-duty wool carpet, soft carpet, or carpet that is stainproof, we have a flooring solution to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Our range of Residential Carpet 

Fulfil Your Flooring Needs with Carpet Tiles in Auckland

When it comes to the design and décor of our homes, it is quite important to focus on elements such as the flooring to set the perfect ambience. You would love your home to have a warm and comfortable feel, and your choice of flooring can indeed affect its atmosphere. Carpet tiles are a marvellously cost-effective flooring solution that consists of loose carpet squares and fit together to cover a floor entirely. This method of carpeting makes for much easier space calculation and installation. Flooring Direct Limited has a vast selection of carpet tiles in Auckland that will satisfy any flooring need.

What You Can Expect from Flooring Direct

For residential carpet installation, the variations of carpet tiles to choose from include the following:

  • Polypropylene Carpet – the built-in treatment reduces common household odours for the life of the carpet for a pure fresh-smelling home.
  • The wool carpet in Auckland provides 100 percent natural softness, with built-in strength fibre for the perfect blend of luxury and durability.
  • Solution Dyed Nylon Carpet – as a fade-resistant option, this carpet is well suited to homes with natural light. Its non-porous fibre is odour resistant making it perfect for our pet lovers.

This carpeting is, of course, not bound to be installed inside your home only, but can also be effectively installed in your garage and are suitable for boats too.

Outdoor Carpet Ranges

Maybe the mood has struck for a flooring change. Perhaps you have carpets installed already that you would like to replace, or you would like to change from tiles to a rug. Either way, you will need carpet removal in Auckland. Once you have made your selection, our all-inclusive carpet removal service entails the removal of existing flooring as well as the installation of your newly selected flooring.

  • Outdoor carpet ranges were developed to withstand New Zealand’s weather conditions. They are low maintenance, multipurpose, hard-wearing and stain protected and are suitable for garages, boats, trailers, and ramps. The piles are UV resistant, durable, and very easy to keep clean.
  • For garage carpet in Auckland, our collection is heavyweight, versatile, reliable, and rugged. It is good looking and resilient, suitable for any commercial application. The hard-wearing performance and durability have been proven worldwide.
  • This collection of carpet tiles is equally suitable for your boat. These carpet squares are soft and durable, with extra resistance to seawater, fuel, and oil spillage. And not only will your boat carpet installation award you with excellent acoustic properties, but you will also gain some traction on deck, reducing your risk of slipping. We can install your boat carpet in Auckland at your earliest convenience.

The Benefits of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles have become an increasingly popular choice. It offers all the comfort, warmth, and acoustic qualities, and safety and health benefits of regular wall to wall carpeting. The added advantage is that its layered structure absorbs even more of the structure sound, providing evident improvement in sound levels. It can be used effectively for a striking effect in residential, commercial, and even industrial environments.

With its freedom of design, this cost-effective choice will far outperform the alternative options for improving or changing the ambience of your home. Here we give you some of the benefits associated with the selection and installation of carpet tiles.

  • They are not only easy to install but also easy to remove. The carpet squares can readily be replaced individually rather than replacing an entire floor. This advantage makes wear and damage maintenance much more cost-effective and less time-consuming, and you know that disaster recovery will, in this case, be far less costly and troublesome.
  • Another advantage of carpet tiles is installers or contractors that would need access to underfloor cables. Here you will be saved costs and time by being able to merely lift one or two squares in the space where access is required, rather than lift an entire section of flooring.
  • Regardless of the type of carpet tile you choose, they are known to be quite durable. As the replacement value is very reasonable, with the ability to replace merely the damaged squares, these durable carpet tiles are an excellent choice all around.

Carpet tiles also offer excellent design flexibility. Because of new dye technologies, carpet tiles are available in a wide range of colours and patterns. With perfect design registration across all tile edges, the design flows seamlessly from one tile to the next. We can easily apply custom colours and designs to create a unique atmosphere in the space.

Keeping Your New Carpet Tiles Clean

Once we've installed your gorgeous new carpet tiles, you will want to keep them in good care. Let us help you avoid mistakes with its caring to ensure a long, happy life with your new flooring. Here’s what you should know about keeping your carpet tiles clean and in good condition.

  • Place smaller carpets or rugs at entryways to catch all the dirt and weather elements from tracking through your new carpet and ruining it. The smaller carpets or rugs are easy enough to shake out or wash to keep clean and tidy.
  • You will need to clean spills and messes immediately to avert disaster. You can use either antibacterial powder or baking soda sprinkled over the spill, then vacuum it to make the cleaning up easier.
  • Brushing can also be helpful to get rid of all the trapped dust and dirt that your vacuum cleaner might have missed, especially if you have pets and energetic little children in the house. Brushing will undoubtedly assist in removing those stubborn pet hairs that always seem to stick to everything.

Naturally, regular vacuuming of your carpet is needed. If vacuumed regularly, your carpet will remain in excellent condition for so much longer. It will also help you spot any spills you may have missed before.

The Best Flooring in Auckland

Whatever your carpet squares requirement in Auckland may be, it can indeed be satisfied. Our all-inclusive, professional service is available to assist with all your residential or commercial carpet tiles or durable garage and boat carpet tiles.

Don’t delay a moment longer; contact Flooring Direct Limited to assist with your carpet installation in Auckland today!

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