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Whether you’re looking for high-quality commercial carpet, or alternative commercial flooring solutions such as imitation wood, vinyl, or tiles, Flooring Direct has what you need. Our range includes multiple carpeting options, carpet tiles, laminates, luxury vinyl tiles, or authentic timber—there’s no commercial space we can’t cater to. Shop our flooring range for your next commercial project, we service all of Auckland. Browse our collection below! 

Flooring Direct Ltd: Professional Commercial Flooring in Auckland

Are you looking for a professional supplier and installer of commercial flooring in Auckland? Carpet and tile may not be what makes your company money, but it is an essential element of your commercial workspace. Be it a small retail shop or a large outlet, an intimate office setting, or a bustling call centre, your flooring is important.

Whether you are trying to create the perfect warm or modern atmosphere for your retail customers, or a quiet, practical working environment for your employees, we have the commercial floor solutions for you. Utilising our years of experience, superior product knowledge and excellent attention to detail, we will ensure that your commercial flooring meets all the requirements of your business.

Importance of Professional Commercial Flooring Solutions

Image is vital for any commercial business. Maintaining and promoting your professional image with both your customers and employees is paramount to how they are likely to perceive your company. The floor, being a significant component of your indoor ‘look’, is a major contributor to the aesthetics of your shop or office and will go a long way to promoting your company’s professional image.

  • Certain types of flooring are associated with certain types of companies. A retail shop may benefit most from tiles, vinyl, or laminate flooring, while an office setting is usually best served with carpets. Choosing the correct commercial flooring solutions for your business does not only contribute to the aesthetic impression on your customers and employees but will also serve a range of practical purposes, such as noise reduction.
  • Keep your staff and employees safe. Certain types of flooring tend to be slippery. Luckily, choosing a high quality commercial flooring installation will ensure that your floors are adequate for the application, minimising the risk of customers or staff injuries because of slips and spills.
  • In the face of ever-increasing competitiveness within the market, it is important to show your customers that your company can provide the type of professional service they demand. The state of your company’s flooring may not have any bearing whatsoever on the business that you do and the products or services you provide. Still, it will aid considerably in promoting professionalism. It is all about perceptions, after all.

What Sets Flooring Direct Ltd Apart Regarding Commercial Flooring Installation

Having your commercial flooring professionally installed ensures you get what you pay for in terms of aesthetics and ensures that you get the quality product and craft that one would expect.

  • We offer a wide range of commercial flooring products for a diverse array of industries. Our highly knowledgeable sales department will help you choose the most relevant, beneficial, and cost-effective flooring solution for your company to ensure we meet both your aesthetic and practical requirements.
  • Our highly experienced commercial flooring installation team will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of excellence. Our level of workmanship and attention to detail are legendary.
  • Over the past 15 years, we have gained and maintained a reputation for excellence, with hundreds of happy customers and a flawless track record for delivering the best customer service, excellent quality flooring solutions, and exceptional craftsmanship.

About Flooring Direct Ltd

We are a prominent residential and commercial flooring solutions provider in Auckland, with more than 15 years of professional service experience in the local industry.

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