Commercial Flooring Guide

Flooring Direct can assist with commercial carpet installation, which means we have the experience, skill and capability to help you find the right solution for your premises.


  • Carpet Tiles: Carpet Tiles are a versatile and practical flooring solution that is cost effective and stylish. Available in a variety of colours, designs and textures, Carpet Tiles can bring any Commercial Space to life. We stock an extensive range of tiles in New Zealand that are suitable for a range of commercial settings.
  • Broadloom Commercial Carpet: Driven by innovation and quality our commercial broadloom is specified for a wide range of projects including office and retail fit outs, public spaces, education facilities, hospitality venues and more. Designed for high traffic areas, the durability and versatility of these commercial carpets are perfect for your next project.
  • Floor/Substrate Preparation: Substrate preparation refers to the entirety of activities, codes, standards and/or guidelines that must be performed to ensure the readiness of a material prior to applying a protective coating or other substance to its surface. This process can be easily missed out but is essential to the quality & success of the project. We have a team of experienced contractors that will take the right steps to get this done. 
  • Uplift & Disposal of existing Flooring: To make the job more efficient, our team of installers can also uplift all flooring and dispose of it. We can also suggest the best ways to reuse the carpet/stair-nosings etc to make sure you get the most from your existing flooring.
  • Moisture Testing: It’s important to check substrate conditions of your floor before commencing with carpet installation to ensure the best results. We can organise moisture testing on concrete floors, and where necessary apply concrete sealer to ensure your floor covering achieves lasting and durable results.
  • Finishing touches & transition bars: Floor trims, transition bars and stair nosing not only protect edges that are vulnerable to excessive wear, but also ensure safety by drawing attention to changes in the height of the floor. While it might be a necessity, we ensure it looks great too, and our team can advise you on the best finishing bars to suit your carpet and interior fit out.


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