Stain-Proof Carpet

A carpet can be ruined in the blink of an eye - kids drawing with permanent markers on the floor, or a dinner guest knocking over a glass of Pinot noir ... Follow our easy cleaning instructions and 
even the harshest spills and marks will not stain.

The Belgotex Stain Proof Collection is manufactured from materials that can be cleaned with bleach and acetone (yes, seriously!). Making light of a spill that would destroy most other carpets if not tended to immediately.  

Do the twist

Offering unmatched appearance retention and performance. The number of twists per metre on our Premium Stain Proof  SDN carpets fibres give the carpet "life" by affecting its  appearance and durability. These twists store energy, much  like in a coil or spring. 

The more twists, the more punishment a carpet can take. The Belgotex Premium Stain Proof SDN has extremely high twists per metre, unmatched by any other carpets. The twists are heat-treated so no matter what you throw at them, our carpets will retain excellent tip definition and appearance.

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