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Lowering carpet costs by putting people first

Tue March 12th 2019

We recently had customers who had just moved back to Auckland after living abroad and had recently purchased a property to start their new chapter in life. They clearly wanted the floors to start a new chapter in life too - and asked us to replace the carpet in the entire house.

Lower flooring quotes & better service starts by listening to customers

We went through the range of different carpet to pick the one that would suit their need. Price was a main point to consider for them as the family had spent a huge amount on the relocation cost alone. After confiding their financial position with us we felt compelled to help out wherever we could.

Later that afternoon, with the clients having left the shop, our team spoke to the owner of our company and together we managed to lower the quote by lowering our margins wherever it was possible. We called the customer straight away to run through it with them and they were delighted to hear the revised quote. We also suggested that if they could uplift the carpet this would lower the cost even further and we would then dispose of it appropriately at no extra cost.

These small changes can help clients save a great deal of money but are not normally suggested by companies that place profits over people. We could just sense how appreciative they were of this.

Being there when the carpet is installed

On the day of the installation our team was present with the family overseeing the job being completed. At that moment, watching their daughters play on newly laid carpet and seeing our customers’ faces light up with joy made our team feel very happy. Helping out wherever possible throughout the process of flooring and seeing the final results with our clients are some of the reasons why we love our business.

This industry may be very competitive but what makes our team, and Flooring Direct as a company, different from others is our ability to empathise with our customers and provide them with a unique and positive experience through their journey with us. Check out our range of residential carpetgive us a call or pay a visit, or even better - ask us for a carpet quote right now.